Saturday, December 03, 2005


I love the weekends. Bunny Mommy & Daddy are pretty lazy so they don't do much but play with me. Most of the time I want them to leave me alone because I'm sleeping, but I do like when they let me out for HOURS. So after I get my afternoon nap curled up in my nest I get to romp around the living room. I'm allowed to do WHATEVER I want... I think they caught onto me though because they don't leave their shoes or bags on the floor anymore. I'm just smelling! Ok, that's not true. I like to roam around the living room to get exercise whenever I can. I run around the couch, or hop on the rug, or sniff around the couch. Sometimes Bunny Mommy will lie on the floor so I can climb around her. Most of the time she gets in my way but sometimes it's fun. They also left my carrier in the living room so I like to go hang out in there. Bunny Daddy says he's going to make me a toy but let's see when that happens! He's been saying since day 1 I'd get a new cage! I'm thirsty and sleepy now. Bye!


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