Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Social Tips Part 1

So since I claim to be a very social bunny with many visitors, I thought it would be wise to provide social tips so that you can charm people to do your whim (cause Bunny Mommies love you no matter what, they don't really count).

Tip Number One: Who doesn't love licking?

Dogs do it and people love it. And we are WAY less slobbery (no offense, puppy pals). Giving someone a little lick can get them wrapped around your finger quick. I licked Bunny Mommy's pal JD and she loved it. She didn't even mind the little mark it left on her skirt. That got me about 15 minutes of extra attention - at least!


Blogger jd said...

the best bunny ever! every time i visit the sniff-meister, i never want to give her up. she has the most beautiful coat of fur that i have ever seen on a bunny (and i have seen quite a few in my day)!

she is right, her licks are much less slobbery than a puppy's and the way she hops around the room is adorable. i could watch her for hours and often do whenever i go to jr's house.

sniff- i'm there for you whenever you need any thing. maybe one day you will even crawl into my lap when i come over.


2:38 PM  
Blogger Simone said...

Another thing humans appre... apprecipitate(!) about being licked by a bun is we have parsley breath! Much better than doggy breath. Hrmph.

5:57 PM  

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