Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mount Bunny Mommy

Last night I climbed Mount Bunny Mommy. We were playing around. I was nose bumping her, she was giving me little kisses, when bam, I just hopped up on her back. She was very impressed because it was like a few feet high. But she was so excited, she kept sqealing. I think Bunny Daddy's ears were about to break. I hopped off because she kept laughing and that didn't make for a stable mountain...

... this morning I am feeling quite wound up. I don't really know what's bugging me but I sure am gonna take it out on that stupid litter box. GET OUT OF MY WAY PURPLE THING. Bunny Mommy says I'm stuck with it like that for the whole day. Aw nuts. How am I supposed to be social and have lots of visitors and play with Bubba the Blob if my flat is a mess? Huh?


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