Friday, March 03, 2006

Happy days are here again!

All is right in the world again. Bunny Mommy does not have the floo anymore (don't worry Bunny, Winnie and Kimberly, they still fed me!) and Bunny Daddy is walking on two paws again. It makes me so happy because now Bunny Daddy can play the run-around game with me and Bunny Mommy doesn't have her short temper anymore. Only problem is she's back to giving me tons of kisses because she's not germy anymore and she's making up for all the days she missed. That's A LOT of kisses.

I also wanted to say hello to the people of Secret Paws! I found out who my paw is and all I can say is get ready! You don't know you're you, but Mrs. Sniffles is on the job.


Blogger Kimberly said...

Oh good! We like to make sure that every bunny gets enough to eat. We probably eat too much but at least we can say we don't waste any food that's put on our plate!

7:57 PM  

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