Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Pictures You've All Been Waiting for!

Pictures of all the aminimals Bunny Mommy and Daddy met when they were in OH-IO. Enjoy!

This is my new cousin CLETUS! He is still just a lil guy German Shepherd.

And here's a blurry, but funny picture of my cousin Ernie (you remember him). He weighs like triple digits now!

This is one of the goats they met. But it's not the goat that tugged at mama's skirt so she'd feed him.

This is a pretty flutterby. Do they count as aminimals?

And that's Bones! He is my uncle. He is a furry sweet kitty but he asked me to show off his more manly side as he plays with the mousie nip toy.


Blogger archi ann said...

awww Cletus is a DOLL - i love sheps
looks like you have a lot of fun cuzins!

12:57 AM  

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