Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Daily Romps

Dear Bunny People,

Bunny rabbits should get to romp outside of their cage every day. "Every day?", you ask. Yes, every day. We need exercise and binkies and bunny 500's to stay happy and obedient. I taught my bunny parents this lesson just yesterday. After being allowed out all weekend my Bunny Parents let me hang out in my flat on Monday night. Well that's no fun! So to punish them I went nutty in my cage and dug and flipped over the litter box (which Bunny Mommy took away Tuesday morning) and I pushed my nest box all over the places making banging noises. They let me out last night and I was pretty well behaved. I did chomp on a wire, which made Bunny Mommy bananas but I understand why. So you see you can avoid a lot of bad bunny antics if you just let us do whatever we want whenever we want (except wire chomping).


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