Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bunny Daddy's Stand-In

Hi efurryone! Thank you all for such nice posts, I love hearing from my aminimal friends. Today officially begins home with mama time. Bunny Daddy goes to OH-IO today and then Bunny Mommy follows on Saturday. But don't worry, I won't be all alone over the weekend. My granbuns (on Mommy's side) will come visit me.

I also wanted to present to you my friend Eddie who will be Daddy's main stand-in while he is gone. He is a furry nice monkey who came to our house even before I did! Daddy brought him home as a purthday gift for Mommy - only she didn't realize it when he slipped it in bed with her. While she was asleep, she snuggled right up to him without even noticing! We still laugh at her for that. Anyway, I thought I would introduce you to him.

I will try to post a for real picture of him soon. But I also wanted to tell Daddy that we'd miss him but that Eddie would be the man of the house and take care of us.