Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year Efurryone!!

I just wanted to wish all my aminimal friends a happy new year 2008 yay. I had a pretty ok holiday and gotted to bunk with my cousin Giacomo. There are pictures of us and my wonderful present AND my bunny castle!!!!!!! And my uncle Jack the Woofy and his present Lolly the elephant (that lasted like 12 hours). Hope efurryone had a safe and happy holiday.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

I've been tagged!

By my pal FRECKLES!

Here are the rules...
If you don't know how to play the tag game, here are the rules: List 5 random things about yourself on your blog. Then, tag 5 friends at the end of your post with a link to their blogs. Don’t forget to let your blogger friends know they've been tagged. Then, it's their turn. They will list 5 random things on their blog and tag 5 more people and so on and so on. Make sure to go back to their blog so you can read their 5 random things.

And here is my tag! In honor of Christmas I am using some new colors...
1. I have three different homes acuz my Bunny Mommy and Daddy don't have a car so they fly with me (don't worry, I'm a really good flyer) so when we visit the granbuns I have my home all set up for me.
2. I like Chex Mix.
3. I have escaped from my home... twice... and both times I decided to sit outside the bedroom waiting to be discovered.
4. My uncle Jack the Dog only drinks Deer Park water. Granbun says he won't drink anything else but we think he's spoiled cuz I gots no problems with Chateau Guiliani tap.
5. I have one Uncle Jack, a woofy, three woofie cousins Simon, Ernie and Cletus, and two bun cousins Pepper and Giacomo. Simon and Giacomo will be visiting for the holidays.

Now who to tag?? I tag my sweet boybun Lando and his sister Fiona, my new friend Mickey, my pal Hops (whose Mama is prolly almost done with exams), the lovely Tiger Lily, and the Furry kids! I hope you enjoyed my tag and the tags of my aminimal friends!


Monday, December 10, 2007

I Think Bunny Daddy Is Santa Claus!

My Bunny Daddy might be Santa Claus. I would like to present the evidence.

1) He has a beard
2) He has blue eyes
3) He knows what Bunny Mommy does before she does it (like he guesses his presents and knows that she puts ziploc bags full of tea bags in his briefcase)
4) He can decorate a mean tree
5) Christmas cheer. He has it.
6) He has efurry Christmas song ever written on his computer... and Channukah ones too!

Here is the tree Bunny Daddy decorated while Bunny Mommy was studying accounting

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Holidays Have Begun

Hi efurryone! The holidays have officially begun in my family so I thought I would share some news. First, we gotted a tree. Well, it's sorta like a tree. But Bunny Mommy decorated it and I have already inspected it. We gots a small apartment here in the big city so a small tree goes a long way. Plus Bunny Daddy cookeded a tasty holiday dinner. I even got to eat the garnish! AND it snowed today. Finally, I thought I would post some pictures from my purthday - WITHOUT my present. I am told I will have it at Christmas, though.

Happy winter time!