Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hooray Chateau Sniffles!

Bunny Mommy and Daddy and I are going on a short vay-cay-shun to Virginia where we stay at Chateau Sniffles. There I have a super big flat and I love going there very much. It is right outside of Wash-ington DC and that's the capital of America so there are lots of fun things to do over Independence Day weekend. We are leaving tomorrow so I wanted to say bye in case Bunny Mommy and Daddy are too busy to post for me (which I think is very wrong, mind you).

And to DKM, I swears I will sign up for Secret Paws by the deadline. I am so excited but Bunny Mommy got a new job last month and works more and doesn't have as much time to be on the internet. But she is excited too because that means I get to make a new friend.

Happy Independence July 4th Day! Happy Purfday America!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sniffles in a box again!

Look Princess Mia! I'm in a box again!!!

Bunny Mommy: Actually sweet pea that's not a box.

Mrs. Sniffles: Yuh huh it is, look! It is colored like cardboard and it tastes all papery!

Bunny Mommy: I know, it's deceiving, but it's not actually a box. It is a paper bag. You just don't see them very often.

Mrs. Sniffles: Whatever. Sniffles in a box.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Hoppy Bunny Daddy's day to my Bunny Daddy! He is the best guy I know and is a very sooper bunny daddy. Bunny Mommy and I had trouble with the blog yesterday so we couldn't post on the right day but we were thinking of him. Yesterday Bunny Daddy and I had a special day together while Bunny Mommy was out with HER Daddy at the goff tournament. So Happy Daddy's to all the aminimals out there but I gotta tell you, mine's the best!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Bunny Mommy's Purfday

Hello aminimal friends:

Bunny Daddy is writing this for me a'cause I wanted to surprise Bunny Mommy. Today is her purfday!!! She thinks Bunny Daddy and I forgotted that it was today a'casue we did not have gifts waiting for her ata midnite. She knows i get cranky without my sleep and Bunny Daddy is even worse. He is like rawar in the mornings. Anyways, happy purthday Bunny Mommy and here is a cute picture of me for you!!! (By the way when do I get the special purthday treat?)

Oh yeah and a couple other things. Lando that seemed like such a great adventure -- and they said i was brave! To all the kitties- I can't wait to see the cat olympics!! Go Sophia, Sammy, Miles and Mia!!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Things to Chew On

I am a bunny who LOVES to chew. So when my Bunny Daddy brought me home a big ole box I was sooper excited. I just had to hop right in. And then I started to eat it. Cardboard is cool!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Yield to Your Bun

Dear Bunny Mommy and Bunny Daddy,

Please do not step on, sit on, or kick me. I understand that I am all the way down here and your eyes are all the way up in the sky but there is really no excuse. I know you say you're sorry and all but in the world of this place I, the bun, have the right of way. Please yield next time. Then I will not run off to chew wires and be a bad little bunny baby. Don't be mad, you love me.

Love, Mrs. Sniffles

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Here I am! It's ME!


Well it was a very good vay-cay-shun! First things first I gotta tell all my friends out there that you should ALWAYS take the aeroplane because when you do, your parents will give you tons of bunny crack and papaya and whatever else you want because you were so brave. For example, Bunny Daddy had to take me out of my carrier and go through the beepy thing there at the aeroport. He said I was sooo good and brave and the best bun. Then he gave me bunny crack.

I stayed in a very nice house (there it is!) where I got to sit in peace and quiet every day IN MY OWN ROOM. There were all sorts of other aminimals in the place where I stayed. There were TONS of birdies (I wished Cinnamon was there! I bet she knows all about the birdies!) and there were turtles and lollygators and fishies and lizards and even a snake! Oh and and I forgotted there were SHARKS AND DOLL-FINS -- lookie!

Ands for all the fluffies out there – there weres boats full of shrimps!

And there were so many green things that I wanted to eat but I wasn’t allowed to because of all the bugs and critters there. Here are those green things. See? Wouldn’t you want to eat those too?

All in all it was a very relaxing time. Here is a picture to show me relaxing.

And now I am back to city life and it’s not quite as exciting as that big old room to myself and all those aminimals but I missed all my friends here so I am happy to be back.

PS Edsel, my Bunny Mommy and Daddy and I are hoping your mom gets better real soon! And Poiland tribe I hope everything goes ok on your parentses trip for two weeks. Good luck to Great Grammie!