Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bunny Merchandise!

Hello everyone! My Bunny Mommy LOVES to shop. I love when she shops because that means she brings home more shopping bags for me to chew up. The bestest thing she ever boughted though is this purse with my picture on it!!! That way she can show me off all the time (even though most people ask her about the law books I'm standing next to). I'll have to show you a picture some time. A note to all Bunny Parents, putting your bun's picture on something you can show off frequently is a fast track to nose bumps and binkies.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Today's Pic

Bunny Mommy decided it was time to show another picture of me. I don't think that she realizes that Ford and Elite don't give out modeling contracts to bunnies. But I am trying to be a good bun, she gave me a toilet paper roll that is VERY fun to bite and play with, and I am hoping that a turn-around in behavior will get me that castle and maybe a build-a-bear pleather jacket. Good luck to them trying to put it on me! Bunny Mommy says thanks again for all the fun suggestions. Bunny Daddy thinks that sometimes, since I am an only bun, I am just crying out for the attention. But Bunny Mommy likes to know what other people think since I am her first bun. Here's to being number one!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Silly Bunny

Hello! Thank you to Laura and DKM for your thoughts on my chewing and nipping needs. Bunny Mommy told me to tell you that I got "the surgery" almost a year ago now so unless they left something behind, I'm all set. She said she will check my toofers again, she gave them a little look when she gave me my manicure but didn't really examine. BOO MANICURE. She said that I'm definitely a chewer but that it's strange that I've taken to chewing new things (and redecorating my flat). Maybe I'm rebelling? I never chew the bad things in front of Bunny Daddy because he never tries to discipline me. I'm a rebel, that must be it. Do they make pleather jackets for bunnies? I could start a trend if not.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bunny Finishing School

So Bunny Mommy asked me to ask you all about Bunny Finishing School. She said that she has no clue what's gotten into me (I haven't been eating any extra papaya so I don't know what she's talking about... I didn't eat Bubba, either). Recently I have taken to chewing the aqua tubing around a wire that I never used to chew before. And now I am nipping and biting at the couch when I used to just dig at it. And I am pushing my nest box and Bunny Mommy is trying to get me to clean my room but I don't want to. Bunny Mommy says she is very nervous because she doesn't want me to elletracute myself and that Phooey stuff doesn't seem to scare me off. And I am an only bun so I am very spoiled with lots of toys. She has if anyone has any tips to curb my rebel lifestyle you should tell me and I promised her I wouldn't erase the comments from the site.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

No, it's not me!

It's Bender! Thanks to Bender's Bunny Parents for letting me post this picture. This is Bender, don't we look alike? What's also real funny is that my name is Mrs. Sniffles and before he came to live with his parents, Bender's name was Mr. Nibbles! So here he is... He's the one on the left, I put a picture of me on the right just to show the similarities.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Do I Have a Brother?

Ok everybody needs to go to my education post toward the bottom of the page. 'Cause there's this bunny and his name is Bender and he looks JUST LIKE ME. I never sawed a bunny who looked like me before since I left the place I was born at. There's a link to his picture and I think it's uncanny. Bender's mommy, can I post the picture so the others can see?


They're here! My Bunny Mommy's pictures of me with my special Secret Paws prezzies from Timmy Dickens.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

They call it "Under the Weather"

Just when Bunny Mommy recovered from her floo, it seems that Bunny Daddy has come down with a floo of his own. While Bunny Mommy was perfectly hoppy to rest at home and get well, Bunny Daddy says that he is a warrior and that he will go to work even if it means he falls asleep at the keyboard with his Jamba Juice in his hand. Could all my special pals out there please tell my Bunny Daddy that if he does not rest then he will get sicker and then Bunny Mommy will get sick again and then there will be no one to give me kisses and nose bumps and feed me my 'lantro? Thank you.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Daily Romps

Dear Bunny People,

Bunny rabbits should get to romp outside of their cage every day. "Every day?", you ask. Yes, every day. We need exercise and binkies and bunny 500's to stay happy and obedient. I taught my bunny parents this lesson just yesterday. After being allowed out all weekend my Bunny Parents let me hang out in my flat on Monday night. Well that's no fun! So to punish them I went nutty in my cage and dug and flipped over the litter box (which Bunny Mommy took away Tuesday morning) and I pushed my nest box all over the places making banging noises. They let me out last night and I was pretty well behaved. I did chomp on a wire, which made Bunny Mommy bananas but I understand why. So you see you can avoid a lot of bad bunny antics if you just let us do whatever we want whenever we want (except wire chomping).

Monday, March 13, 2006

Oh Happy Day!

Bunny Mommy is home!!!! I was so excited I was hopping around my cage. When she was gone Bunny Daddy would hold up the phone to me so I could hear her talk to me. My ears perked up because I didn't know where she was but I could hear her. Last night they let me out so that I could dash and run all over the couch, which was of course limited, since Bunny Mommy was giving me so many kisses to make up for the last few days. Bunny Daddy was a very good bunny-sitter. He gave me lots of 'lantro and let me run around ALL the time, even though I ate his PS2 controller. Sorry!! And we have a neat new game called Dig Dug that we like to play. Plus now that we have the camera back Bunny Mommy took some pictures of me playing with my Secret Paws presents from Timothy. She promises to post them soon. Hooray!!!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


BIG news. Bunny Mommy is going on a trip! In the almost year since she has had me, I have never been away from my Bunny Mommy for more than 2 days. When she leaves for work tomorrow morning I won't see her until SUNDAY AFTERNOON! I am going to miss her so much, no one else gives me kisses like she does. But it does mean I will get whatever I want because Bunny Daddy will have run of the house and there will be tons of papers and things on the ground for me to eat and he won't yell at me when I nip at the couch and he LOVES to give me just a pinch of oats to ease my suffering. Do you think Bunny Mommy will cry when she has to leave?

Monday, March 06, 2006

Education is Right On!

Bunny Mommy and Daddy are very supportive of education. That is why I like to eat, um I mean, read the New York Times. They have very interesting articles that are valuable for bunnies to read to cultivate themselves intellectual. I highly recommend it. It also tastes very good.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Happy days are here again!

All is right in the world again. Bunny Mommy does not have the floo anymore (don't worry Bunny, Winnie and Kimberly, they still fed me!) and Bunny Daddy is walking on two paws again. It makes me so happy because now Bunny Daddy can play the run-around game with me and Bunny Mommy doesn't have her short temper anymore. Only problem is she's back to giving me tons of kisses because she's not germy anymore and she's making up for all the days she missed. That's A LOT of kisses.

I also wanted to say hello to the people of Secret Paws! I found out who my paw is and all I can say is get ready! You don't know you're you, but Mrs. Sniffles is on the job.