Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Yes, I've been gone a while

Otay so I know it's been a long time since I posted. But you may notice from my counter that I was in Savannah! Bunny Mommy and Daddy took me on a trip to visit my granbuns and so they could have a nice vaycayshun after a long winter and spring. We had a furry nice time! There was golf, fishing, swimming, shopping, and playing with me and Jack. But not together. Jack doesn't quite appreciate how great we buns are if ya know what I mean. Here are some pictures from the trip that we thought you might enjoy!

Here is a picashur from the golf course where Bunny Daddy and Grandundaddy and Bunny Mommy played.

These are two of the buns who are residents of the Crab Shack. Huh you say? Yeah acuz efurryone (well, not me) went to this restaurant called the Crab Shack. It is a furry fun place - they even have a website. Well so they also have a lolligator lagoon and then after the lagoon Bunny Mommy found the rabbit warren! They take care of like 10 bunnies! Bunny Mommy said she melted when she saw them. They seemed to be well cared for but she says she still wanted to take them home.

Otay this is one of the fish they caught. Isn't it scary? It's much bigger than me!

And this is the lighthouse at Tybee Island. Bunny Mommy and Daddy had a nice day on the beach. It is the island where the Crab Shack is located.

And here is Jack... asleep! Isn't my uncle so cute?! He seems to be furry happy and Bunny Mommy's parents house. He gets to take long walks and some say he is even more spoiled than Bunny Mommy! (that's a furry big deal).

And last but not least this is the creek behind the house. It is protected land so there are all sortsa neat aminimals who live in it - like fishies who binky, froggies, crabbies, and sometimes even lolligators!


Friday, May 11, 2007

Tag from Koko!

I gotted tagged! That is just the thing to get me back into the blogging spirit. Here we go! Oh but first here are the rules...

"Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Those who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven bloggin buddies to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!"

7 Random Facts about Mrs. Sniffles Bunny Rabbit

1. I have visited three states outside my home - Virginia, Georgia, and Ohio.
2. I am not a big fan of sweets - only bunny crack.
3. I don't really like people food - except chex. I ated a teeny piece of a chex once and I liked it. I had my whole face in the bag!
4. I have never been married despite being a Mrs. but my heart does belong to Orlando Bun
5. I have escaped from my flat... twice! But that was cuz it was a temporary cage. The first time I scared the bananas out of mommy and she called Bunny Daddy to come fix my cage at 4:30 in the morning and he had to come from New Jersey to rescue us!
6. I do not like the sounds and smells and sights of cooking. Whenever I am romping around, once I know that stove is on I run and hide.
7. Sometimes I get into small places and I'm all excited about getting there, but then I gets scared and don't know how to come out.

So now I tag 7 aminimal friends. I tag Archi Ann, Rascal, my sweet boy bun Orlando, Mr. Hendrix, Daisy, Princess Mia, and Beezer. Hope I'm not duplicating anyone!


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

More Travels for Mrs. Sniffles

Hi effuryone, you may have noticed that it's been a while since I posted. I just gotted back last night from a big long trip to Ohio. We DROVE there but luckily I got to travel in my flat instead of my small carrier. I was furry happy to meet my Bunny Daddy's brofur and Daddy and also my cousin Ernie and cousin Pepper. You members Ernie, right? Well look how big he is now! Unfortunately we haded to go there for a sad reason. Bunny Daddy's Mommy, my granbun, wented to the people bridge last week. She had been furry sick and is now at peace but we are of course furry sad. The one nice thing was Bunny Mommy gotted to see all sortsa pictures of Bunny Daddy when he was a lil guy. He was a furry cute towheaded boy. We'll have to show you pictures when they are scanned. Also we got to spend a little bit of time with Bunny Daddy's best friend and his girlfriend. And my Bunny Mommy's parents are going to take in little Jack, granbun's dog. But now we are back in New York just taking things one day at a time. We are going on vacation to Savannah soon so we will have some time to relax... including me who until tonight hadn't gotten a romp outside the flat in SIX HOLE DAYS. Here are some pictures from the good parts of the trip...

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