Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hooray 8,000!

But Mystery 8,000 winner is a mystery! Well, since we don't have an official 8,000 winner, I'm not sure who to crown the champion! It looks as though Archi Ann was the first aminimal friend to post after the big 8,000 so you can be the champion! Though Landon Bun will always be the champion of my heart. So Archi, sends me a recent photo of you and I will post a special picture poster (like what I did for Bunny Mommy and Daddy) in your honor!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Secret Paws Pics Is Here!

Hi Andrew Bun, I hope you get to see these pictures of me enjoying my Secret Paws presents. Thank you so much!!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Special Edition Monday Bunday: Paws is Here!

Thanks to Andrew Bun, my secret paws pal for my goodies!!! I am so acited to much on and play with efurrything. Bunny Mommy took a bunch of pictures last night and she said she would help me post them this week. Thank you so much!!!

And to my Secret Paw, you don't know who you are yet, but your present is coming! Mommy is just waiting for it in the mail before she can send it to you.

Yay for Secret Paws Summertime!

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Friday, June 22, 2007

The race for 8,000

Hi efurryone, Mrs. Sniffles here! I noticed today that there have been 7,900 visitors to my social calendar, which is so aciting! I thought it would be fun to see who would be magic 8,000! If you win, Bunny Mommy says she will make a cool picture card in your honor to post on the blog! She sure is dorky to like Power Point that much. But oh well. Good luck peoples!


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Bunny Daddy's Day!

And now, in honor of Bunny Daddy's Day! A special Thursday Thirteen edition for my Daddy.

Thirteen Reasons I Love My Bunny Daddy:

1. He rescued me at 5am when I hopped out of my cage and scared Mommy half to death.
2. He is furry protective of me. Caretakers must go through a careful screening process before he'll let them take care of me.
3. He always looks for greens to buy me for a snack.
4. He plays dig dug with me.
5. He did not take me back to the breeders when I went to the bathroom on him on our way to my new home.
6. He gives the best jaw rubs.
7. He is very good at not stepping on me when I hop between his feet.
8. He is very diligent about keeping my cage clean, my water full, and my hay fluffed.
9. He buys the best toys from Busy Bunny
10. He binkies with me
11. He spoils me rotten when Mommy goes away on trips.
12. We read together
13. He is the best daddy ever!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's Thursday Thirteen Time!

Hi efurryone! Since it is almost Bunny Mommy's purthday (she turns 27 on Saturday) I thought it would be nice to devote Thursday Thirteen to her (don't worry Daddy, you'll get one too!)

Thirteen Reasons I Love My Bunny Mommy:
1. She gives the nicest pets on my nose
2. She always remembers to give me my weekend treats
3. She did not put me up for adoption when I ate her fancy purse... or her fancy boots...
4. She took lots of cares of me when I had my special surgery
5. She makes home made cards for my purthday and gotcha day
6. She always makes sure to say good-bye before she leaves for work
7. She gives super kisses
8. She sometimes lets me in the forbidden room number 1
9. She nurses me when I have a bellyache
10. She never yells... unless I'm really really really naughty and probably deserve it
11. She helps me wrap presents for my Secret Paws Pals (hint to you my upcoming paw or paws!!!)
12. She blows me kisses from the couch
13. She's just the bestest mommy ever! (Sorry other mommys)

Happy purthday, mama I love you!!!

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen... what's left of it.

Today my Thursday Thirteen is a little late acuz I had another visitor! My friend JD came to see me and have num nums Thai food with Bunny Mommy and Daddy. Since I've had TWO visitors I thought I would make it my Thursday Thirteen.

Thirteen Reasons It's Fun to Have Visitors...
1. If they stay overnight they bring you presents!
2. You get way more attention.
3. They want to pet you lots.
4. They let you in the forbidden rooms cuz they don't know the rooms are forbidden.
5. They make Bunny Mommy and Daddy smile and that makes me smile.
6. They let me out of my flat
7. They say nice things about you
8. They let you be naughty because you're so cute they can't help it.
9. They give you a special treat even if it's not a special treat night.
10. They make up new nicknames for you.
11. They decide maybe they want a bunny too.
12. They order in dinner so that means no oven and no oven means no heat cuz I don't like cooking.
13. Because they always promise to come back!


Saturday, June 02, 2007

Auntie Jill is Here!

Binkies efurryone, Auntie Jill is here! Bunny Mommy has her 5th year college reunion this weekend (whoa!) and Auntie Jill is staying with us for a few days. It is furry exciting to have a visitor, especially one who likes me so much. :) As a thank you present she even gave us neat note pads personalized with MY picture and name on them! It's super cool. I hope I get to roam around and play with her some time.