Monday, April 21, 2008

Apologies; Vet Rang!

Hai everyone!!!!

Bunny Mommy and Daddy made me stay in all weekend because of my lil cold. I thought I would catch up on posting on your blogs. But the intratubes were broken. Daddy told me it was from the other buns who chomped through the wires. I don't know whether to believe him or not. At least the TV was broken too. I had to secretly laugh when the 'rents could not watch their TV. I hopes to visit all of you soon!!!

Oh yeah... the V -- E -- T. ( See Mommy, I can speel) Dr. Martin, my lovely Irish veterinarian called bunny daddy today. She said that my nose swab, (that was so not fun) came out. Dr. Martin said that I had a non-specific bacterial infection that caused my sneezing and runny nose. It wasn't any of those bad things that Bunny Mommy and Daddy were worried about.

I still have to take my medicines too make sure that I am ok and it does come back...errrggg. Well that is all for now!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Mrs. Sniffles
(Dictated, not read.)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Gotcha Day to Our Baby Bee


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Send Good Vibes

Hello all,

Mrs. Sniffles asked me to have everyone send good vibes her way. She thinks her bunny parents are worrying to much about her...

She did get a lil bit more sniffly overnight but she has gotten her dose of antibiotics last night and this morning.

As she mentioned, she had to go back to the vet yesterday. The vet poked, prodded, and took a nose swab of the lil girl, who was not very happy. She was started on fruit flavored Baytril, while the nose swab is cultured. The vet did not seem that alarmed, as we caught it very early. The vet commented that we knew she was sick before she really manifested any symptoms. (Mrs. S just says it is b/c she has such great bunny parents and just know when she is off.)

Mrs. S doesn't like to take her meds... (does any bun?) She even managed to give bunny daddy a good nip this morning to show her displeasure. The evening dose we can add as salad dressing to the food. It is the morning dose with no food that is causing the trouble. Even the bunny burrito doesn't really work... How do you buns prefer a syringe full of stuff to be given?

If anyone wants more info for their own edification the University of Miami (in Florida) has a great site. (

Here is an article on sneezing, runny noses and the like in rabbits.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some (almost) Gotcha Day

Hello my aminimal furriends. Well it is not my finest hour here in the big city... and just in time for my Gotcha Day! I had been sneezing a lil bit lately so Bunny Mommy and Daddy got me checked out to make sure it wasn't anything serious. I got a good bill of health and had good teeth and fur and ears and nose and belly. So Bunny Mommy and Daddy thought that I was sneezing acuz it's been dustier acuz the window's been open to get fresh air inside or maybe because I've been shedding my winter coat. But just to be safe Bunny Mommy and Daddy decided to keep a special watch. Bunny Mommy got morning duty and Daddy got night time. Well Bunny Mommy was up soooooooooooooooper early for school today and noticed that I had a runny nose. So now I have to go BACK to the vet so they can make sure it doesn't become serious. Bunny Mommy was worried but Bunny Daddy was furry reassuring and he is gonna try to come home from work special to come with us to the vet. Luckily the vet is furry nice and complimented me on my soft, soft fur. But not to worry, I has all my usual spunk. I followed Daddy around this morning and have been noshing on my hay. So we thinks my runny nose won't be a big deal, just glad we caught it early. I don't think I am contagious so I hopes that you will all still come to visits me on my Gotcha Day this Thursday.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Where Has I Been?

Hi aminimal friends! Bunny Mommy has of course returned and it has been busy since she's been back from her trip to Romaynia and Bullgareia. First, I had to ignore her so she didn't suspect I missed her. Then I had to snuggles with her and let her pet me so she could make up for the snuggles she missed. Then it was EASTER and I had to tells all the people to buy their chocolate bunnies. NOW it is almost time for my GOTCHA DAY. My Gotcha Day is on April 17th and Bunny Mommy and Daddy are furry acited. I think they mights give me a present or something. And I know I owes you some picashurs just to minds you that I'm WAY cuter than that koala. I hopes to visit your sites soon!