Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Furriends!

Hello to my aminimal furriends!
Bunny Mommy and Daddy just got back from their trip to OH-IO where they visited their furriends Ryan and Hayley.Bunny Mommy saw a Great Lake for the first time and she and Daddy shopped at Target, which is a treat because they don't have a Target in the Big City.

I was bunny sat by my auntie JD. She took furry good care of me and gave me pets for 15 minutes... IN A ROW. For TWO days! I like her and told Mama that she has to watch me again soon.

While they were in OH-IO they met Hayley's dog Biggie. Here is a picture of him. He is FURRY cute (for a pupper) and got along with Bunny Daddy furry much. They also met a pupper named Tannor. I don't has a picture of him but he is the biggest dog Mama says she has ever seen. He is a lab but she thinks he is secretly a pony with a haircut.

This weekend Bunny Mommy and Daddy have ANOTHER wedding but they promised to play with me lots this week so I don't feel abandoned. I hope efurryone has a nice long weekend and that you are all doing furry well!!


Friday, August 08, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer

Hello aminimal friends!!!

It has been quite a lazy summer for me. I haven't got to travel much, as Momma and Daddy have had 843 weddings to attend this year. They are so busy these days that we haven't got to go to the Grandbuns house or anything. So I am just lounging here in NYC.

Momma and Daddy tell me that they are going to Cleveland here in a couple weeks. Daddy's bestestest friend got married and they are having a big party to celebrate. They said something about having roast beast or hams or something. I have only been to OH - IO once. (I don't understand why Daddy always says it like that.) One of my favoritest people is taking cares of me while they are there. I bet i get extra treats!!!

How has your summer been?