Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hey Mama

Let me recap for the aminal friends out there: Mama leaves on Friday afternoon; Takes the camera; Doesn't call.

That pretty much sums up everything. I was all set to do my photo shoot -- and then realized that I had no camera. To top it off, Mama has not called to talk to me even once... I know she texted to say something about losing her luggage getting lost then founded. If you ask me, I thinks she is losing her mind.

Daddy and I are having fun though. I decided that I needed to dig at him when he is trying to watch the noos to make him pay more attention to me. As soon as he begins to pet me, I hop away. It is a fun game!

Since I do not have any picts --- I decided to post this. Daddy thought it was almost as cute as I am. Enjoy!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

MAMA... Where are you?


We need to talk. I understand you are busy. I understand you are going to see bunnicula's castle and are leaving me (and daddy) for a whole week to gallivant around on baycasion in Romaineah and Bullgari. (Note: You are leaving me -- did you forget yet?)

I want you to know that you really need to start letting me have the computer more often so i can talks to my friends. I has not blogged since the 15th of February. This is highly unacceptable. I will take care of bunny daddy while you are gone so you have to let me blog more. This is more than fair.

Yours luvingly,

Mrs. Sniffles
(dictated but not read)