Monday, November 24, 2008


Guess what aminimal furriends?? Today is my 4th purthday! Bunny Mommy says that I am almost a grown-up. Bunny Daddy wished me a happy purthday this morning afore he went off to work. Bunny Mommy wished me one too but she is still here helping me type. They is already giving me treatsies, I got lots of basil yesterday and I THINK I may have smelled some cilantro in the house but I'm not sure. Hooray, I sure do love purthdays! Plus I love that my mama remembers BOTH my purthday AND my gotcha day acuz that means twice the fun!

Note from Bunny Parents: we want to wish Mrs. Sniffles a VERY happy 4th birthday. We can't believe she's already 4! We never thought Mrs. Sniffles would be so full of personality and be such a source of excitement when we first got her. Of course now, we can't imagine life without her. So happy birthday, little bunny bee, we love you.


Thursday, November 06, 2008


Hai aminiminals!!!!!

Thanx to evfurryone for the good thoughts for my Uncle Jack the woofie. It turns out he had a light case of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. He has never even been to the rockies!!! Maybe he snuck out one night?

The doctors say that if he keeps taking his medicine that he should get better. I hope so because Bunny Mommy and Daddy can't wait to see him come Thanksgiving.

Again thanx for all the good thoughts!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Send Good Thoughts For Uncle Jack!!!

Hey everyone. It seems like everyone is getting sick. First my sweet sweet boy bun Orlando was a little under the weather. Bunny Mommy, however, heard through the berryvine that he is doing a bit better, which makes me feel much much better.

Now my uncle jack it pretty ill and is currently in the pupper hospital. He had to go in because he lost his spunk and had a bad bad fever. He was sitting under the covers shaking he was so feverish. They have given him liquids and lots of meds, but he still can't keep food down. The vets have done all sorts of bloodwork and have no clue what is the matter. They are beginning to worry that it may not be a virus, but they don't know. The vets don't even want my grandbuns to visit him, as they fear it may be too stressful...

If everyone could send a get better thought his way, it would be greatly appreciated.