Sunday, December 17, 2006


I am so excited because my buddy MERLIN from the Poiland Tribe in Hawaii sent me the awesomest Secret Paws presents! He even tossed in a few things for Bunny Mommy and Daddy. I can't decide what my favorite present is cause they were all so awesome. I will say that I did not waste a second with those apple timothy bites. I recommend them to every bun out there. Hey Merlin, did you find those on the busy bunny site?? Here are some pictures to show you just how excited I am. Happy holidays, Merlin!!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Home time with BUNNY MOMMY

So my Bunny Mommy is back home after trying to go back to work yesterday when she was under the weather. She went to the doctor again today since she was making all sortsa weird noises and luckily the doctor said she doesn't have noo-mone-ya, just bronchiasaurus or something sounding funny. Even though she feels sad she has to miss a concert with Bunny Daddy and a cookie party with her friends, I sure am happy to have her be with me all the time... even if she does stare when I'm asleep. Speaking of which she told me to post this picture of me sleeping because she thinks it's super cute... like I'm dreaming of Santa or something.

Friday, December 08, 2006

I found Santa!!

Guess what? I found Santa! Well, sorta. Since Bunny Mommy and Daddy have been out a lot again I have taken to doing some research into Santa. Turns out you can watch him drop off our presents all on the world wide internet place! There's still some time before we can see him but I wanted to make sure I told you in lots of advance. Here's where to go!

Track Santa HERE

Sunday, December 03, 2006

My Santa List

Sammy Meezer has a Santa list so I thought i would post one too! If anyone knows Mr. Claus personally, please feel free to put in a good word.

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good bun this year. I have been much better behaved when my parents try to manicure me and I have been more snuggly which Bunny Mommy likes. I even let my Bunny Daddy hold me this year. As such, I am providing you with my Santa list since I have been a nice bun, not a naughty bun at all whatsoever.

Please send to me:
1. Willow toys from Busy Bunny
2. Lots of fresh greens all day every day
3. More of those branchy ornaments, they are nummy
4. Anything I can chew... Bunny Mommy doesn't like it when I munch on the couch or the carpet or stuff.
5. A brofur (Bunny Daddy told me to say that)

If you need to reach me you can find me here. I am happy to provide urls and phone numbers and stuff so finding these things is nice and easy for you.

From the Desk of Mrs. Sniffles Bunny Rabbit.