Friday, September 19, 2008

Updates from NooYork

Hai everyone!!

I just wanted to pop in and say hello. Busy times around our house, but the bunny parents assure me that this is the last of the weddings, until next year. Yes it is frustrating, but i lay on the guilt trip for the bunny parents.

I mean today, as Bunny Daddy was running around getting dressed for Court, I would bound out of my box to the door of my cage everytime he came in the room. I would then run from one side of the cage to the other following him. I don't think he wanted to leave me!! When he comes home and lets me out, i think i will ignore him to show him who is the boss.

Oh and i heard this crazy rumor around the apartment. My Bunny Parents must have gone cookoo. I believe i heard something that they were applying to rescue a sister for me. What was odd about the conversation i heard was that it sounded like it was a woofie sister, something about a french woofie. Her parents abandoned her and she has been living well with a chinchilla.

Did i ever tell you the story about my Uncle Jack? You see, Bunny Daddy's mum in Ohio adopted him. He was about a year old when Bunny Daddy's cousin saw this adorable Jack Russel in the park. Bunny Daddy's cousin kept an eye on him and kept going back to the park to check on him. Evidently, some mean person dumped Uncle Jack in the park. (From what Bunny Daddy has told me, it also seems like they really smacked him around too. He gets really scared if you have a stern voice and move your hand at all.)

Bunny Daddy's cousin eventually coaxed Uncle Jack over to her and took him home. She scoured the papers to make sure no one was looking for him. That is when Bunny Daddy's mum adopted him!!! He lived with Bunny Daddy's mum for a couple years until Bunny Daddy's mum. When Bunny Daddy's mum became ill with cancer, you really saw how great a woofie Uncle Jack was.

During all the treatments and her subsequent decline, Uncle Jack never left her side. He always went to check on her and would snuggle in close to her. Even when people came over, he had to know that she was ok. Uncle Jack even took to sleeping in her special room right beside the bed when she became too ill to leave the bed. He refused to even go out to the bathroom, save once or twice a day. He stayed right by her side until she passed. When she did, he knew something was wrong and wimpered and did not want to leave. He kept nudging her hands, hoping that she would somehow wake back up. After that, he never went back into that room.

It was then that Uncle Jack went to live with Bunny Mommy's parents, my grandbuns in Virginia. They never had a woofie, and Uncle Jack showed them the ropes of owning a woofie. When they don't feel good, he makes sure to give extra snuggles. He gets soooo excited when he gets to see Bunny Daddy. He bounces all around. I got to meet Uncle Jack a few months ago, and while he is too hyper to be around me, i do get why everyone loves him.

Uncle Jack is why the Bunny Parents want to adopt this little french woofie. Every amininal deserves a good loving home. I know they give me a good home and would do the same for this woofie, plus i get to be a big sister like Fiona. (sorry Lando teehee).

So we shall see where this rumor goes... maybe nowhere, maybe to getting a little sister. That is the great thing about life, you never know where it will take you!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Back to School and Purthday Month

Hi everyone!!!

Lets see, not much going on in my world...Mama started back to school, Daddy was sick again and sounded horrible. (I am glad to say he is all better now). The 'rents had yet another wedding to go to last week. At least this one they could go to via bus and did not have to find me a bunnysitter. They tell me only two more in the next month. (I think they are just professional wedding attenders...)

Oh yeah and it is Daddy's purthday month. I have to surprise him and find a good gift for him. I was thinking perhaps banana chips, craisins or some of this yummy hay. Daddy always gets mine there. They have this new hay that has rose hips and chamomile flowers with clovers and such. I tell you it is quite yummy. I reeeeealllly love the clover flowers!!!

I don't know how old he is going to be though. He won't tell me. It's not like he doesn't know that I will be a big girl this November when I turn 4. hrrrrumph.

Sorry there are no pictures. I sent this to the 'rents to be posted via email. I told one of them to upload some pictures when they get home tonight. Lets see... if they don't i may have to chomp something!!

Binkies everyone!!!


And one More for you!!! Me sticking my tongue out at Daddy!!!